Thursday, 31 July 2008

I am cranky (what else is new?)

Lately i went on a book binge ,no real reason why , i just didn't feel like doing anything else but i seem over it since i managed to watch a film yesterday .

The first X-Files movie ,i love this series but the alien plots where not my favorites ,still seeing Scully hugging Mulder is almost as good as a intravenous shot of chocolate .

I made the mistake of registering to Kenyon's mailing list long time ago and i could almost start a lawsuit for harassment ,i have received 5 mails this month for Acheron's book and seeing that i will not buy the book it really is a waste ,i probably will read it from the library after seeing the reviews because her last books were really disappointing.

Big day for me monday ,last scan before the end (in here you only do two) and if the shrimp is willing ,we will know the sex (with my luck he will cross his legs and we'll see nothing !)

i'll start on writing quick reviews on the book i have read soon.


Kristie (J) said...

Don't you hate that when you have a case of the crankies and you can't really pin down why? If we can figure out what it is that's making us cranky, then we can work on fixing it, but if we don't know why - it's harder to get over.
And I am so far removed from the Acheron hype. I started reading the Dark Hunter books when she first started writing them. but after the first five or six, they just seemed to be so similar. Plus I don't like unlimited series books, I like to know there is only going to be 3 or 4 then that's it - series over.

pidute said...

exactly the first one were fine but now ?it feel like she write just for the money and the acheron brain washing ?just plain annoying