Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Summer at Willow Lake by Susan Wiggs

This is my first book from her ,i have seen a name from time to time at the library but was never really interested .
This book feature my favorite subject sweetheart and the super bonus is SUMMER sweetheart so i had to read it .

From Amazon:

Camp Kioga means many things to many people. For Olivia Bellamy, whose family operated the camp in the Catskills, it's all about bad memories. Although she was just as rich as the other attendees, she was never as pretty or thin or self-assured. The only thing that kept her from being completely miserable was the arrival each summer of Connor Davis. For Connor, the camp took him away from a life far different than Olivia's and showed him how life could be. Connor and Olivia finally have a relationship, which seems to scar her heart. Years later, a slimmed-down, professional Olivia is asked by her grandmother to prepare the camp for her fiftieth wedding anniversary. Connor is still in the area, and as soon as she hires him to help with the project, feelings arise on both sides.

Hum not quite what i was expecting , at page 176 ,the heroine had only spoken to the hero twice!
I am all for the world building in a book but really what interest me is the relation with the H/H and it's nice to know what happened with her father but really a paragraph would have been enough ,no need for flashbacks .

I like that Connor had as many insecurity as Olivia ,it was a nice change ,not once he implied or thought that he was the guy who messed her up and he was quite open with his feeling but then he should be ,seeing that SW gave them probably two hundred pages (out of five hundred an thirty) of time together, i did like the moments they shared ,but they where very few and far between .
I thought that being in the head of the teenagers was unnecessary ,it did not advance the story in anyway ,if it was to draw the intention on the similarity of the now and then ,well i know i am not too bright but i would have figured it out on my own.

I am not giving up on her i have just started Summer by the sea ,it just that it was not the "Dirty Dancing" i was expecting.....

Grade : So 3/5

I saw that All about romance call it a woman fiction ,what is that ? is it like a chick lit ?


MaryKate said...

I think that women's fiction is stories about women that might or might not have a romantic element. So it's definitely not romance, but more a story focused on a woman's life.

Kristie (J) said...

I think Mary Kate explained it pretty well. It's more about the heroine's whole story with the romance being part of it - if there is a romance. With straight romance, the romance is the most important part.
I haven't read Susan Wiggs since she started writing Women's Fiction, but I love her older books. My two favourite books by Susan Wiggs are The Drifter and The Charm School. I think The Charm School was recently reissued. They are both historicals though.