Sunday, 3 August 2008


Paradise By Judith McNaught

Synopsis :

Teenage socialite heiress Meredith Bancroft has a quick and disastrous secret marriage to unsuitably penniless Matt Farrell. Her domineering father tells each of them a series of damaging lies and speedily arranges a divorce. A decade later, Meredith, now vice-president of a department-store chain and engaged to a prominent banker, meets Matt again. The highly successful CEO of his own conglomerate, Matt has a well-deserved reputation as a ruthless corporate raider, and when he hears of Meredith's aggressive plans for her chain's expansion the two clash explosively. To complicate matters, Meredith discovers that they have never been divorced.

Again the first love plot and i am not getting bored one bit .
I really enjoyed this one ,it was like reading a episode of Dallas !
The rich fighting all the time but really loving each other ahhhhh nothing really realistic but you get so caught up in the story ,you don't care ,just plain indulgence.
As always few inconsistency ,i found Meredith very meek for the president of a "Harrods" type of establishment especially when you know it was written in the ninety's.
Her "best friend" was a complete turn off ,don't you love the good friend sleeping with your fiance ,just because she has been in love with him forever and it seems so obvious you're in love with someone else ? (with friend like this who needs enemies huh!)
Grades :3/5


Just saw it ...and ...hum ,let's just say i know now how to punish the people i hate.
I just can't express how much this movie is bad ,the fact that i stayed till the end just tell you how anal i am.

It's cliche after cliche ,it's very very painful.
In brief to avoid at any cost if like me you are a fan of anything a bit supernatural or just good.

Leader of the pack and Sex ,lie and online dating

Leader of the pack by Kate Cann

Sinopsis :

Being hard is what Jack Slade is all about. He has no time for weaklings, especially not on his team. He is captain, and his new coach has helped him realize that anything that interferes with his game is not worth his time. Gem doesn't see it that way, though. She fancies Jack like mad, but she doesn't want to be second best and neither does her best friend, Christian, who thinks Jack is just a meathead. Gem knows there is more to Jack, but she doesn't know if that is enough to keep them together...

After seeing a interview of Kate Cann on my favorite book
and i decided to give it a try .
It was the first time i read a YA book since my teen age years and i really enjoyed it.
I am not a big fan of rugby and even less of the hero but even with those flaws K-Cann managed to keep me entertained.
Teen age angst is very well written and she doesn't shy or embellished sex ,she just tell it like it is ,which at this age ,is fast,not always good and done a bit everywhere as long as it is done.
The reason i probably didn't like Jack was probably because he was too close to reality ,he is very selfish and by the end of the book didn't seems to have grown ,not once he show remorse for what Gem has to endure .
I will definitely read more of her book and summer seems like the perfect time.
Grade :2/5

Sex ,lie and online dating by Rachel Gibson

synopsis :

Quinn McIntyre has to pose as an internet dater to woo the chief suspect in a serial murder case, and the last thing on his mind is falling in love. Especially not to a thriller writer researching her next book, who doesn't even realise she's under surveillance! But Lucy Rothschild just doesn't seem like the killing kind! does she? Before too long, and against all his better instincts, Quinn finds he could be getting in too deep!

Rachel Gibson is a bit of a comfort read for me ,nothing transcending but always entertaining .
This one did not work for me ,it's not bad just blah .
I was not interested in anything ,not the mystery and not the romance.
grade :1/5

Holiday in death and All U can eat

Holiday in death by JD.Robb

Synopsis :

NYPD Lieutenant Eve Dallas is on the trail of a serial killer terrorizing the city during the holidays. The only link between the victims--all are patrons of an exclusive dating service, Personally Yours. Working with her aide Officer Peabody, Peabody's nemesis Ian McNab, and her own intriguing husband, Roarke, Eve uncovers secrets that link the victims: secrets that involve both the owners and the clients of Personally Yours and which might be worth killing for.

You can never go wrong (IMO) with the in death collection and i am quite pleased to say i am not bored yet but because i don't want to accelerate the process i tried to read them slowly (one every three or four weeks),
This one is no exception ,just few annoyance though ,Roarke always butting in annoy me and Peabody ? I never thought she was the brightest bulb of the pack but bringing a male prostitute (also a suspect) you have just met in the morning to your boss Christmas party ? just brilliant ! a perfect match for McNab .
Grade: 3/5

All U can eat by Emma Holly

Sinopsis :

When the body of a wealthy woman is discovered in an alley near Frankie Smith's diner, Frankie realizes she's one of Chief Jack West's prime suspects. The truth is, Jack's attraction to the sexy proprietor of All U Can Eat is all-consuming—though he knows hauling her into custody isn't going to improve his chances with her.

What neither of them realizes is that the town of Six Palms is full of secrets that would shock even the raciest residents. Determined to clear her name—and to get to know the police chief better—Frankie joins Jack on a rollercoaster ride of an investigation. And soon, letting go of their inhibitions seems like the most natural thing in the world.

As i said before i avoid Ellora's cave because it's just too much but i wanted to try one of her book because they seems "milder" .
It was and i enjoyed it more than i thought i would ,it's less heavy on "the words" (you know THE WORDS! like juice ,cream and other thing i usually like to eat or pet !).
I liked the heroine ,she is not shy and has many different partner but did not feel slutty to me ,too bad i wanted her to end with someone else *sight*.
Still even if it was nice ,this book felt a bit unfinished ,i would have liked to know more about the protagonist and "the mystery" not very exiting.