Monday, 7 July 2008

Devil in winter by Lisa Kleypas

Nowadays ,for me to read historical romance ,it has to come with very good review and recommendation because after nearly 3 years of binge reading about virgin and scoundrel ,i can safely say i have enough .

DEVIL IN WINTER was no different but i like the fact that the hero was a real bad guy ,no fancy reason for his crimes ,he is just bored and to be honest it's very refreshing !

I enjoyed the fact that the love story is build gradually ,they don't fall in love instantly and take 300 pages to tell each other ,they each discover themselves and each other slowly .

There is no great misunderstanding or very complicate plot ,just a very confuse hero and for once that was fun!

So for me it was a 3,5/5.

I did not read the first two of the wallflower series but i think i will give the fourth one a try it seems fun !


Kristie (J) said...

Hello! And welcome to blog land. You started off with a pretty good book in Devil in Winter. Now of course, though some may disagree, her finest book just might be Dreaming of You.
I know what you mean though about getting tired of historicals. My reading of them has gone way down over the past several years too.

Dev said...

Kristie's right ~ some might disagree :-) But you should still read Dreaming of You. Derek and Sara's story is very good and is, in fact, my 2nd favorite Kleypas historical. Dreaming of You is the first.

Marg said...

welcome to blogging!

You definitely chose a good place to start!

LeeAnn said...

I haven’t read dreaming of you yet but I have read DIW and loved it :o) I liked how both of them grew so much together.

pidute said...

thank you for the warm welcome .

I have read Dreaming of you and really liked it but i didn't think it had that little original touch that DIW had.

MaryKate said...

Welcome to blogging pidute! Yeah, Kristie, I have to disagree, Again the Magic is my favorite Lisa historical. Sugar Daddy is my favorite Lisa contemporary.

But then, Kristie knew I'd disagree.

Anyway, welcome to blogging, Pidute! you have a gorgeous header!

Stacy~ said...

Welcome Pidute. Kristie told us all about your new blog, so I came over to visit. I love DIW, and DoY, but "When Dreams Begin" is my fave. Gets me every time :)

Katie(babs) said...

You must read Suddenly You by Lisa Kleypas. I think you will enjoy that read. Older woman and the younger man who loves her.