Wednesday, 23 July 2008

The ugly and the amazing

Divine Evil by Nora Roberts


Evil is afoot in Emmitsboro, Maryland, and sculptor Clare Kimball, who returns home for a rest, and Sheriff Cameron Rafferty, her former heartthrob, step right into it. Cameron chases clues to runaways and ritually sacrificed animals while Clare deals with memories of past satanic rituals and her present need to create art from the world around her

It's the first time i read a Nora book thinking i shouldn't have ,usually even the one that are (IMO) not good are better than most but this one is just plain bad .
Half of the book was unnecessary ,i like a story detailed but in this case i did not care for the thought of the victim ,the killer and all the people who lived in the village .
In Carolina moon it work ,not in this one .
Plus the romance was almost done by page 200 but i had still 330 page to go ,not a good signe .
And the fact that i have read ceremony in death not a long time ago did not help ,a strong sense of déja vu .

Blue-eyed devil by Lisa Kleypas


Blue-Eyed Devil is the story of the charming, volatile and ambitious Hardy Cates, who is determined to carry out his private revenge against the Travis family. Haven is the rebellious Travis daughter who struggles against her overpowering attraction to the most dangerous man in town. But when Hardy crashes a Travis family wedding, the heiress and the bad boy uncover an explosive chemistry that neither of them can deny. Hardy Cates is an unscrupulous rascal, but now he's trying to clean up his act. He is looking for the perfect society wife, the kind of woman Haven Travis could never be. Having once been burned by a love affair gone wrong, Haven vows to stay far away from the sexy heart breaker. However, Haven discovers that the temptation of a blue-eyed devil is hard to resist. And then when a menace from Haven's past appears, Hardy may be the only one to save her ...

After the last book ,i had to wash my head with something amazing so i took THE book that (almost) everyone love and i was not disappointed .
I only have two small complained about it .
First one is ,if you are the kind to cry in front of a book don't touch it in a public place because that plus the hormones ,it was terrible !
I cry like a baby in a playground absolutely packed with very bored moms ("i am fine it's not the Cookie ,it's the book!!!").
And the second one ,i had wished Hardy was a bit more well drawn ,you don't know much about him ,maybe i should have read Sugar daddy before but he feel a bit generic to me ,still even with that i loooooved him .
The end was really satisfying ,it was not too sugary just perfect.
Grade :4/5

Lately i have been a bit blue and i thought it was my mood that tainted the books i was reading ,making me a bit difficult but after this one i am reassured ,i just wish the next one is as good as that one !!!

I'll finish on a educative note:

For all the pregnant women out there ,i would strongly recommend not to hair dye your hair with the home product ,it seems that our pigmentation is not good ,so the color doesn't stick .
Very dark brown on blond hair ? I look like a partridge ! (the Cookie almost killed himself laughing )


Stacy~ said...

I loved "Blue-Eyed Devil", but I definitely think it helped to read "Sugar Daddy" first. Both are amazing books.

Wow, I'm trying to picture what your hair looks like. Sounds...interesting *g*

What are you reading next?

LeeAnn said...

I loved Devine Evil! I thought she did scary very well. But that’s the great thing about there being so many books out there, we don’t all have to love the same ones :o)

I like Blue Eyed Devil, but I LOVED Sugar Daddy.

I hope your hair is doing better :o) I never dye my hair darker myself, I always go to the hair dresser for that. But if I want to lighten it then I do it myself.

Katie(babs) said...

It's not the cookie! LOL
Blue Eyed Devil was such an emtional read for me beause I have been through what Haven goes through. I adore Hardy. Very manly and sexy :D
The last time I colored my hair, well, had highlights, it turned pink. :(

pidute said...

STACY :i will read sugar daddy but i saw so many good review for blue-eyed devil and i really needed something good .
i can't put a picture because it doesn't do justice to the nice blond undertone LOVELY!
I am reading Bridesmaid by Jane Costelo

LEEANN :She has got so many good book that she is untitled one very bad one :)

KATIE(BABS) :I fund it very hard to read about it ,so i can't imagine what it be like living it ....people surviving it must be very very strong!
You have such a nice hair color though *sight* (mine it's a very blend blond ) then again we are never happy with what we have ;)

Kristie (J) said...

Well, if you read Sugar Daddy, if you are a rereader then you can read Blue Eyed Devil again *g*. I adored both of them and I think you do get a better picture of Hardy if you read Sugar Daddy.
And I didn't care for that Nora Roberts book either - one of the few I didn't like.
And lol about the hair colour. Sounds different that's for sure