Tuesday, 15 July 2008

C'est tellement vrai!

Went to the library today and found "the art of french kissing" by Kristin Harmel .
The librarian asked me if i wanted to train myself (riiiiiight....) not wanting to be left without a "big" sense of humor ,i told him that seeing that i was French ,i just wanted to check if they explained it properly (after all it's in my blood) .
The book doesn't have very good review but i would love to see what are her views of France and what kind of cliché she will use .

I already know that : i am rude ,dirty ,never shave (pits and legs) but also are an amazing cook ,"goes down" often the first time and go everywhere with a beret and a baguette .

I wanted to know what did you hear about us ? (the bad clichés are the best!)
Have you met some French people ? where they like you thought they were?
Do you ever hear some of the things people say about you? does that annoy you?
I don't mind ,they make me laugh seeing that i am sometime rude ,clean AND shaved (i can prove it!!!!!)and i am a so-so cook (the cookie is very disappointed regarding that one) ,"goes down" when i want ( he is also disappointed about that one too) , do not own a beret and don't eat bread very often.
So fire away ,i will enjoy it !!!!


Katie(babs) said...

When people hear I am Irish, they assume I drink a lot. Well during my early twenties I did. Now I am quite dull. LOL
Did the French really make the French Fry?

pidute said...

But you MUST have red hair (hi-hi) don't you?
and you must dance the jig ,you must!

According to wiki the french fries would be from Belgium but seeing that anything good regarding food has (*snort*) to be french then yeah it's french !

Katie(babs) said...

I am a red head :D
Dancing while drunk is not a fun thing to see.
But I heard French ice cream is very, very good.

pidute said...

ARG one cliche right does that mean i have to have one right too?

mmmhmmm sometime when i am lazy ,i let myself go and don't do the legs but really not that often .....OK ..OK every sunday humf....next you'll have me say that i play accordion every evening !

for the ice cream you are quite right Carte d'or make some amazing flavor (of course i should mention that it's own by an american company!)

pidute said...

and who said dancing is not fun when drunk ?
It's the only time it's fun!

Katie(babs) said...

I have some interesting drunk stories. heh heh.

pidute said...

what kind of bribe will it take to hear them ? :)

LeeAnn said...

I like to say that I’m an American because I really am a mutt lol. I’m French, Canadian French, Portuguese, and I think a few others thrown in there as well.

Everyone thinks my son’s Irish because of his red hair, pale skin, blue eyes, and hot temper. I think he might have some in him from his dad side but I really don’t know. What most can’t believe is that he’s part Hispanic.

I don’t really hear that many cliché’s abuot others but I do know a few about being a Californian. I’m supposed to be a bleach blonde beach bunny, or pot smoking hippie with Birkenstocks :o) sad to say that I’m neither.