Sunday, 3 August 2008


Paradise By Judith McNaught

Synopsis :

Teenage socialite heiress Meredith Bancroft has a quick and disastrous secret marriage to unsuitably penniless Matt Farrell. Her domineering father tells each of them a series of damaging lies and speedily arranges a divorce. A decade later, Meredith, now vice-president of a department-store chain and engaged to a prominent banker, meets Matt again. The highly successful CEO of his own conglomerate, Matt has a well-deserved reputation as a ruthless corporate raider, and when he hears of Meredith's aggressive plans for her chain's expansion the two clash explosively. To complicate matters, Meredith discovers that they have never been divorced.

Again the first love plot and i am not getting bored one bit .
I really enjoyed this one ,it was like reading a episode of Dallas !
The rich fighting all the time but really loving each other ahhhhh nothing really realistic but you get so caught up in the story ,you don't care ,just plain indulgence.
As always few inconsistency ,i found Meredith very meek for the president of a "Harrods" type of establishment especially when you know it was written in the ninety's.
Her "best friend" was a complete turn off ,don't you love the good friend sleeping with your fiance ,just because she has been in love with him forever and it seems so obvious you're in love with someone else ? (with friend like this who needs enemies huh!)
Grades :3/5


Stacy~ said...

I read this book years ago, and it's one of my fave contemps by her. I guess the whole thing with the best friend worked in this book, especially back then, whereas it wouldn't have gone over well in real life. I was able to get past it to enjoy Meredith and Matt together.

Carolyn Jean said...

That's so funny - like Dallas. You know, I really like your artistic blog header! Did I ever say that?